Know Your Grip Size That Best Suits Your Tennis Racket

Tennis racket grips come in various sizes and shapes providing hand grip, strength, and varying degrees of performance. Whats’ at stake if you select the wrong grip size, depends upon how seriously you take your health and your tennis. Selecting the right grip sizes for your tennis racket and replacing them regularly gives you the ease to score that extra bit during the game, and also does not cause much trouble with your elbows.

As all would know tennis is the game that is notorious for causing a condition called as tennis elbow, and every other person who trains for tennis long enough has all probability of suffering from tennis elbow. Selecting the right racket could prevent injury to your elbows so that you could play your tennis happily as ever and also improve greatly on performances.

It is imperative that you have your hand measured before you select the right grip size. Junior grip sizes of tennis racket range from 3.5 inches or less and upwards. It is better to have a stiffer frame and a sturdy grip if you are starting the game young enough and trying to make a career at tennis.

It is also a bit difficult to find the exact grip size that matches with the size of your wrist in case of juniors and you might have to shave a bit of your grip after you fix it at a pro-shop. You must match the measured size of your grip to the grip available on the market, or buy a larger tennis grip and shave to the size to match your hand size.

All you need to measure the size of your hand is a foot ruler and your preferred hand. Keeping your palm straight and facing upwards, your fingers close and touching each other, take a foot-ruler and measure your palm from the middle crease to the tip of index finger. The middle crease is the middle line of the three lines on your palms and this the area that does all the gripping work. For juniors the grip size measures less than 4 inches and you could match the size of your hand grip to the size of your racket grip.

In case of adults the maximum grip sizes available in the market are 4 and 6/8 inches and are quite easier to find. If your hand grip sizes are unusually large or small it would be time, effort, and cost saving to have your racket custom made by experts. You can also increase the grip size by a leather replacement grip or synthetic sleeve if you got the smaller ones.

Professional tennis players change grips often to hit good shots and also change grips for services. Andre Agassi uses a longer grip that has an even balance head with a large frame, which helps him take more stronger shots. There are also a lot of professional tennis players using smaller grips that does not correspond to their hand grip sizes like Sania Mirza, who uses a smaller frame and a smaller grip for power shots.

It is also important for you to train accordingly using the right grip and the evenly balanced racket that would help you perform better.

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